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Published on May 24, 2016

LIVE EVENT BLASTER software allows you to instantly create, schedule and live stream hundreds of Live Events with the push of 2 buttons!

liveeventblasterLet me explain another time how Live Blaster works…

It will allow you to create and schedule multiple events and stream a pre-recorded video at a later time.

You won’t have to worry about starting the stream, about being online at the time the stream starts….

Live Blaster will take care of that!

After you schedule your event, this awesome video software will check your rankings and views!

How cool is that?

Why are Live Events so great?

YouTube considers live events more important than regular videos, so by using them you will get a huge edge over your competitors. They are considered “news” in the eyes of YouTube, and for a few years now, news rank better and faster than regular videos.

Either you stream or don’t stream an event, it can rank a lot better than normal videos!

What Live Event Blaster can do for you:

  • Create and Schedule a Live Stream
  • Auto-Start streaming a local video file as an event
  • Keeps track of your views and rankings
  • Get instant video indexing
  • Get top rankings!

NEW 2016 YouTube Method!

How many times you get to be first in something now days… Schedule Live Events!

You can schedule Thousands of Live events with only a few clicks!

Traffic is the best selling point!

No doubt about that!

Live Stream Local Videos: Live Blaster will auto start streaming the video file or recording that you choose from your local drive.



How Come So Few People Are Using Live Events?


Well…Creating Live Events Can BeTRICKY

There are a lot of technical hurdles to overcome and the software to fix the technical side is expensive or simply doesn’t work.

And many people don’t want to speak live in front of a camera

That’s All Gonna Change

What if you could stream a local video file in a folder on your computer as a live event?
Right from your computer!
No need for special equipment or complicated technical knowledge…
Vlad and Stoica were able to simplify the whole Live events technology and packing it all into a very easy to use piece of software.


Live Events Blaster is The First Software That Allows You To Exploit The Power Of Live Events On YouTube.

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The Power Of YouTube Live Events :


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