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Published on February 8, 2016

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Drag & drop video into Explaindio Video FX, chose visual effect, and click start.
This is how easy it is to transforms any mediocre looking video into an eye catching blockbuster that skyrockets conversion from viewers to subscribers and buyers.

Explaindio Video FX team have just created a shortcut for you to make any video look awesome with just a few clicks.

Before I tell you more about Explaindio Video FX, let me be clear that it is not a video creator or editor, but it is the software which, by adding a combination of build-in video effects, transforms any mediocre looking video into an attention grabbing monster.

The Explaindio Video FX software was created by the same team of people who previously created Explaindio Video Creator, which is now used by tens of thousands video marketers in their businesses.

Ever since we have released the very first version of Explaindio Video Creator back in 2014, one of the most requested features, has been the ability to add video effects to any video clip by people without any experience in video effects creation or adding.

After almost a year of development by the team of our top software engineers, the Explaindio Video FX was created, and now we can finally fulfill that request.

Explaindio Video FX can be used for both stock video clips, or as a final step for already produced videos.

There are many stock video websites on the market, where everybody can download video clips for almost any existing niche.

Unfortunately, majority of those video clips are dull and bleak, and would kill engagement instead of boosting it.

This is especially true for video clips from those cheap, all you can eat, stock video websites, and for clips for small market niches, for which there are not that many choices.

Ask yourself how many times you visited a stock video site trying to find the right video, and after browsing tens of pages you gave up because you could not find a video clip looking attractive enough to add it to your sales or presentation video.

How many times, after long search, you found the clip that would almost fit, but the video was shot in bad light, was shaky, the colors resembled half rotted leaf, or had any other issues related to a video clips shot by an amateurs.

Unfortunately, without the right tool, making such content look amazing, and adding visual effects to it, is difficult.

It requires extensive special effect expertise, or, if you outsource it, is very expensive to do.

This is why Explaindio Video FX appeared for video marketers.

With Explaindio Video FX you can just drag & drop such video clip to the app, chose the effect, and click start.

This is how easy it is to turn the discarded video clip into a shining attention grabber star.

The very same way you can make already finished video look way more professional, and convert more viewers to subscribers and buyers.

The ability to do all that is already amazing but Explaindio Video FX does not stop there.

If you have hand drawn or animated videos which you want to mix or blend with live motion footage, we have included effects which can help you will that too.

For example, you can turn any motion footage video clip into a video clip looking like sketch to blend it with hand drawn video or make motion footage look like cartoon to blend with animated video.

Explaindio Video FX can be also used to make yours and your clients websites look awesome.

Let me ask you two quick questions:

Have you ever seen one of those cool websites where the video playing in the background is blurred?

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to have such blurred video backgrounds on your own website, or wandered how much you could charge for websites with amazing blurred videos?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, the Explaindio Video FX is your way to have unlimited source of blurred videos.

Videos produced by Explaindio Video FX come with unlimited commercial use and can even be sold by creators to other businesses.

Tens of thousands of creators, communicators, and businesses are already using our video software with more joining every day.

Now you can transform the way you make video effects. Your first video with amazing visual effects could be done in minutes.

It is your 3-step solution to awesome videos

  • Just Drag & Drop Video, Chose Visual Effect, And Start
  • 40 Amazing Build-In Customizable Video Effects (pro)
  • Turns Dull Video Into A Shining Attention Grabber Star
  • Unlimited Source of Blurred Video Backgrounds
  • No Experience Required – Super Easy To Use
  • Commercial License To Produced Videos

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