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Published on March 3, 2016

InstaMate is the first ever computer-based and fully automated Instagram marketing software

Again, what Is lnstaMate and why you should use in your daily marketing activities ?

lnstamate is the worlds first & only all in one instagram web software to find, edit, upload, schedule, engage monetize the most viral content on INSTAGRAM Accounts Instantly on complete autopilot.

Until now, you would have to manually find content, sync it to your mobile device (since you can’t post to Instagram from your computer… until now that is), use many 3rd party apps to edit the content, set alarms to remind yourself when to post it, think about that hash tags to use & then still hope to find a way to monetize it…

Instamate removes ALL of these issues, allowing you to find, edit, post & schedule direct from your omputer the most VIRAL content on Instagram Instantly, WHILE driving free organic to your profiles from automatic Engagements…

This is the All In 1, set & Forget Instagram tool the market has been waiting for.


Let’s see what Instamate can do for your online business:

1.Automate Your lnstagram Account For LIFE

Have your lnstagram posting the most viral content on the internet daily in ANY niche while engaging with the top brands followers in your niche in complete autopilot.

2.Worlds First lnstagram Affiliate Cloaker Tool Included

lnstamate gives many ways to monetize the viral content while having a huge reach. One of these ways is by affiliate marketing that safely lets you add affiliate links to lnstagram for direct 1 click sales.

3.Worlds 1st Direct Web Instagram Poster & Scheduler

Never need to worry about syncing photos to your phone, using 3rd party apps to edit & setting alarms to remind yourself it’ time to post. Have Instamate post the most viral content 24/7 for you.

4. No Need To Pay For Ads Again

lnstagram‘s organic engagement is over DOUBLE that of Facebook & lnstagram doesn’t limit organic reach like Facbeook does.

Why pay for ads when you can increase your organic reach by millions with lnstamate?

5. 100% Set & Forget – Instagram marketing software

Simply search any keyword, choose which content that’s gone viral previously, edit accordingly with the
displayed top hash tags in your niche hit Schedule, then sit back & watch the leads, engagements and SALES come in.

6. Monetize Your Authority Sites With 1 Click

While having a huge audience is great, the key customers want is to MONETIZE, so they added a complete content optimizer to add call to action buttonswatermarks, filters, text & sizing instantly.


DOES Instamate have some OTO’s (ONE TIME OFFER)?


  • Instamate image editor lets you edit the imagery Instamate finds for you instantly.
  • Use all the filters plus many more that the instagram app has.
  • Allows your audience to add call to actions and make their content unique.
  • Proven OTO VSL system that simplyjust works.
  • Includes full training on how to use this.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Instamate.


  • 6 figure earner training system.
  • Have your list come inside some of my 6 figure instagram pages and see the exactly process they used to create these with Instamate on Autopilot.
  • Again a proven OTO VSL system making it a no brainer to grab.


  • Finally you are able to monetize both updates & Ads with Instamate Autobot Cloaker.
  • Have your audience have their content go VIRAL instantly while MONETIZING this content at the same time.
  • Proven OTO VSL system that simplyjust works.



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