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Published on July 22, 2016

Turbo Push Notifications alerts to browsers

Allow Your Visitors to Opt-In & Re-engage Them Effectively In Just A Few Clicks!

Turbo Push Notifications is a brand new created from scratch Software that allows your online visitors on your webpages to signup (with just 1 click) to receive notifications that will be displayed as alerts to their browsers. You can then login to your administration panel and Re-engage them by sending your push notifications in just a few clicks!

Why your customers need this?


Well simple… Here are 2 main reasons:

Reason #1: Hosted & Simple Solution

• There is not any simpler solution offered online that allows the sending of push notifications through a self-hosted system.
• Your customers do not need to depend on an online service, neither are they limited by the criteria opposed by other services offered online.
• They can install the software as many times they want to serve unlimited sites.
• They can have literally unlimited number of users signing up for getting their notifications.
• No WordPress is needed.
• No HTML knowledge is needed.

Reason #2: Resale Rights Opportunity

It comes with a professional sales letter, thank you page, professional graphics, etc. They can sell it and keep all the money for themselves.

PLUS there’s definitely a LOT of money to be made in selling such a system and your customers are going to LOVE it.

Turbo Push Notifications is THE tool you must use for sending your push notifications. It’s also a solid product YOU CAN SELL and keep all the money in your pocket.

What are the PRO’s of Turbo Push Notifications?

Turbo Push Notifications allows you to create a list, an audience from the visitors of your website, then “push” your notifications to them DIRECTLY to their Firefox or Chrome browsers!

You do not need to depend on email and your subscribers will get your message for sure even if they are offline at the time of the sending, because they will see your message instantly once they open their browser!

Yeah… yeah… there are services online that offer you that functionality with MANY BUTs: They pose limits on the NUMBER of subscribers you can have and they charge you a fee after that; and even the “free-free” ones display THEIR domain name on EACH MESSAGE you send to your people. DO YOU WANT THAT?


Turbo Push Notifications is designed to cut out all the complicated steps allowing you to use only what YOU NEED, hence cutting out everything you do not need!


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